Shocking footage shows truck cabin dragged across I-95 by repo van

September 13, 2023 by No Comments

Today, a driver’s dash cam picked up some shocking footage on I-95 which showed a repo van literally dragging a truck cabin towards Miami Airport. Clearly, the repo van was far too small to be doing this job as the truck cabin was physically far larger and looked as though it was struggling to be carried.

Such was the size of the cabin that combined with the repo van, they both took up all of the lane space. In other words, had someone wanted to overtake then this would have proved physically impossible. To make matters worse, the cabin would occasionally swing to the sides due to its weight. Speaking of weight, this also made the drive quite slow which would have further frustrated others using the I-95 at the time.

The video was originally posted to Reddit where the user who uploaded it wrote: ‘Only in Miami – This truck will not reach its destination!’

It goes without saying that not only is this driving highly illegal but it is also dangerous, especially if the cabin were to dismount from the repo van. Here, it could have easily swung into traffic. Instead, it should have been picked up by a larger vehicle that could have safely transported it without taking such risks towards others. Unfortunately, the fate of the cabin and repo van is unknown at this time.


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