Portland billboard criticizes Mike Schmidt for crime – With burning cars in sight

September 13, 2023 by No Comments

Today, a photograph was uploaded to Reddit which showed a rather poetic sight. Here, a billboard was in the background that denounced Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt. Here, it criticized him on topics such as tent cities, drug addiction, and murders. It also wrote ‘All talk. No action’. The billboard was put up by a group named People For Portland who weren’t happy with Schmidt.

As if this image wasn’t damning enough, the forefront of the photo showed two recently torched cars. These had been reduced to ashes and had been doused in foam to cool the flames. In other words, the timing of this photograph was eerie.


In fairness and being neutral, it is not Schmidt’s fault for the burning cars and this lies solely in the hands of the culprits. Nonetheless, if ever there was a good campaign for an advert against fighting crime then this image would sum it up perfectly. For clarity, we are not siding with the message of the billboard either and that is up to the individual to interpret it however they choose. Nonetheless, the point is that the timing of the photo is quite powerful. Currently, the origins of the burned cars are not known. However, an investigation is underway.

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