Popular Minneapolis Craft Brewery to permanently close next weekend

September 13, 2023 by No Comments

Saturday 23rd of September will be the last day that Eastlake Craft Brewery opens for business. This shock announcement was made on their official Instagram page. Here, they claimed that the business would have been 9 years old in December but had struggled to stay open over the past couple of years. Specifically, the message blamed Covid and civil unrest on its shock closure.

In the same post, Eastlake thanked its customers for years of loyalty before signing off with: “Nine years, just like nine innings, comes to an end. We didn’t make the postseason. Our final day of operation will be Saturday, September 23rd. We will be operating as normal for the next couple of weeks, so stop in for a pint or three. We have plenty to drink, and would love to see ya!” The full transcript can be read below.

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As you may expect, the Minneapolis community reacted in numbers to this announcement. The post garnered over 790 likes and hundreds of comments. These included thankyous and goodbyes. Here, one local wrote: “Man this is such a drag. It’s my favorite brewery and an anchor for the midtown market.” With this said, locals have been invited to visit for one last time on the 23rd.

Until then, Eastlake Craft Brewery will be operating as usual with normal activities continuing over the next ten days.

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