Nashville’s most expensive property just got listed for sale – It looks like a Southern version of The White House

September 13, 2023 by No Comments

Recently listed for sale on Zillow, this is literally the most expensive property in Nashville. It is for sale at a staggering $40,000,000 and according to Zillow, its monthly mortgage repayments would equate to $255,955. In other words, not even your average millionaire would be able to afford this. In fairness, it is the epitome of luxury and southern style.

Firstly, its size may amaze you. The property is 19,811 sqft and it sits on a whopping 49.72 acres of land. This means that if you like your peace and quiet, then this is the ideal property.


Interestingly, despite looking like an older building, this was built in 2001. Therefore, the building looks like it was intentionally designed to look older than it is. The result is a grand home that looks like a southern version of The Whitehouse.


As you’d expect, this property comes packed with luxury features. For instance, it has a large swimming pool, basement, tennis court, guesthouse, private gardens, and large balcony. This balcony also offers scenic views of the many acres of land. Interestingly, it was listed previously up for sale in 2022 for $10,000,000 more but failed to sell. With this in mind, it is possible that there could be some movement on the price.

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