Locals blast City of Savannah for delaying recycling for ten days

September 13, 2023 by No Comments

If you’re living in Savannah then you may have noticed that your recycling will not have been picked up by the city. This is because it was intentionally delayed from September 4th to September 14th. This means that tomorrow will be the final day of the delay and after this, service will resume as normal. The announcement was made on the City’s website as well as their Instagram page. As you can imagine, this was not well received by certain residents who viewed it as unacceptable.

In fairness, this is not out of laziness. Instead, the pause was in response to Hurricane Idalia and the clean-up required around the city. This is mentioned on the website where it reads: ‘In response to Hurricane Idalia cleanup efforts, recycling services will suspend operations for two weeks beginning Tuesday, Sept. 5 until Thursday, Sept. 14. Residents are encouraged to hold their recyclables until regular collections resume or use single-stream, drop-off facilities.’

Reacting to the news on Reddit, users weren’t happy with one individual named SavannahRama writing: “Ayup. I watched them toss my neighbor’s recycling into the back with regular trash this week. I had taken mine out of the alley, going to be quite the picking after the 14th, we fill that damned thing completely in less than 2 weeks, then I get to play recycling compactor!” Thankfully however, this delay is soon to end and was only a short-term issue.

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