Anchorage locals shocked at Sailor Boy Pilot Bread prices

September 13, 2023 by No Comments

A photo recently posted to Reddit showed the price of Sailor Boy Pilot Bread in Walmart. Here, a pack was for sale at the price of $7.97. Interestingly, this was part of the ‘Everyday low price’ strategy that Walmart has deployed over the years. With this in mind, it makes you wonder how much it would cost if it were to be priced normally.

The user that uploaded the image captioned it by writing ‘I grew up on this stuff and haven’t been able to justify getting any in so long due to the price.’ Over the years, Sailor Boy Pirate Bread has become a staple of Anchorage cuisine and is iconic among locals.


This prompted a response from one user who commented: “Oddly, it’s made in Richmond, VA. The east coast of the US, with 98% being shipped to Alaska! Wonder, have they never thought about setting up a plant on the West Coast?” Elsewhere, others reminisced about the bread while others agreed that the prices were too high.

This year, food prices in Anchorage have risen sharply. Unfortunately for many Anchorage locals, this means their beloved pilot bread is priced higher than usual. Having said this, aside from Walmart there are probably very few places in Alaska that are cheaper when it comes to Pilot bread.

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