This Shreveport house just had a $100,000 price cut – It’s views are stunning

September 12, 2023 by No Comments

Originally listed back in August, this Shreveport mansion just took $100,000 off its value. While this may be a significant discount for most houses, the bad news is that this one still costs $1,650,000. In fairness, it is 5,790 sqft with waterfront views.

Speaking of which, the easy access to water is probably this place’s biggest selling point. Here, you can easily jump out of bed, walk 20 meters, and hop onto a jet ski if you so desire. There are not many places in Shreveport where you can do that. It also helps that this property has other luxury features such as a large swimming pool, jacuzzi, party deck, and outdoor fireplace.

Built in 2008, this property is still fairly modern. However, as seen above, some of the decor could do with an update. This is because it appears quite dated and isn’t reflective of its age. Nonetheless, as a new owner the fate of the house is truly in your hands.

Having said this, the kitchen island looks nice and the property is more than big enough to put your own stamp on things. Sadly, with an estimated $10,386 in mortgage payments every month, this is just a dream for most Shreveport people. Still, it’s good to have a look around and see how the other half live.

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