This Oakland house just went up for sale and it looks like a spaceship

September 12, 2023 by No Comments

Here’s what $7,895,000 will get you in Oakland. Firstly, this gated property looks like a spaceship inside. This is due to its circular, open-plan rooms that give a spherical vibe. In short, nothing about this crib is normal and this is reflected in the price tag.

This property is listed on Zillow and will set you back roughly $54,479 per month in mortgage repayments. This will get you a 9,220 sqft house that is set on nearly four acres of land. In other words, it could actually house more than one or two spaceships!


If you’re after a modern living space with plenty of room then this may appeal to you. It also comes with an indoor swimming pool, basketball court, fire pit, and stunning views of the city due to being built on the top of a hill.

The luxury decor doesn’t end there. It can also be found in the bathroom which also has gorgeous views of the city. Elsewhere, it has a circular carport, office, pond, and outdoor kitchen. Unfortunately, due to the price tag, this is merely a dream for most Oakland residents. However, it also shows how some of the properties at the top of the ladder are pretty spectacular around here.


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