Superdome drinks prices blasted by New Orleans locals

September 12, 2023 by No Comments

A recent photo of drinks prices for sale at the Superdome went viral for all of the wrong reasons. Here, it showed a cocktail was $16.99, a large Bud Light was $14.99, and even bottled water was for sale at $4.99. Although sports venues notoriously offer high prices for their snacks and drinks, locals weren’t shy in voicing their grievances over the prices on display.

This image was shared on social media and was branded ‘out of control’ by one user. Elsewhere, another wrote: “While I agree it’s absolutely insane, it doesn’t surprise me. There were 2 price increases from the beer distributors last year. Liquor distributors increases vary because there are so many more liquor distilleries (or brands) than beer brands. That ain’t cheap to make, especially liquor depending on how long it’s aged. Prices at the dome were insane before this increase anyway.”


In fairness to the Superdome, this is not an issue that is exclusive to New Orleans either. Across the country, various stadiums have been known for offering high prices when it comes to a variety of produce for sale. In short, it’s not just beverages and sometimes the merchandise can be equally as costly. If nothing else, this shows just how expensive it can be to be a sports fan these days and sadly for some, these prices may spell the end to a good day out.

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