St. Louis property finally gets restored after 20 years of abandonment

September 12, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, photos emerged of a corner property located in Soulard which showed that it had undergone a serious transformation. This property is located on Emmett and 10th and if you’ve been through the area, then you’ll have noticed that it’s been abandoned for years. Quite literally, it’s almost been 20 years since it was active which shows the state it fell into. Nonetheless, as you can see in the image below it has now been restored to its former glory and will soon be filled with life and activities once again.

Image from Google Maps

According to the person who uploaded the new images, the building plans to be converted into apartments. Speaking on Reddit, they claimed: “I believe last I checked they were converting a “two-family” to a four-family. I put that in quotes because I don’t think it ever operated as two-family and has been kind of in limbo for a while now.”

In the same thread, another St. Louis resident explained why the property had been dormant for such a long time, writing: “From what I understand, quite a few folks tried to buy the building from Bob Brandhorst over the years but he never budged. The first signs of life was when the owners of the Wood Shack were considering a move into the building, but they finally moved into the old location of Soulard’s on 7th and Soulard when Twisted Ranch moved out.”

While this project has not yet finished completion, look out for updates as it looks like its restoration is finally becoming a reality.

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