Quaint house goes up for sale in Baton Rouge – It looks like it’s from a British village

September 12, 2023 by No Comments

This quaint Baton Rouge property just went up for sale on Zillow. Priced at $3,675,000, this has monthly mortgage payments set at $23,702 which unfortunately means it’s out of reach for most locals. Nonetheless, we can still appreciate its many stunning features. Perhaps its strongest point is the exterior. This looks like something you’d find in a cozy British village that has been transported over to Baton Rouge.

Nonetheless, it still has plenty of local touches, such as a luxury swimming pool in the backyard, as well as a wine cellar.


As seen on the inside though, this house certainly uses the Louisiana style that has oak floors, a vintage kitchen, and even a poster bed on the ground floor. Here, you can literally get out of bed, open a door, and go for a swim in the pool. This property is 6,329 sqft and sits on 1.17 Acres. As well as general living costs, it also comes with an annual HOA fee of $2,820.


It also comes with 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, as well as a home gym, office, laundry room, outdoor BBQ area, and separate guest house. Interestingly, this property was also listed back in 2021 for $3,950,000 but seemingly failed to sell. With this said, there is potential for buyers to negotiate a better deal on this property.

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