Delivery truck crashes into notorious Milwaukee ‘KK Can Opener’ bridge

September 12, 2023 by No Comments

Over the years, Milwaukee residents have become familiar with the notorious ‘KK Can Opener’ bridge, which has seen its fair share of incidents. This occurs when large trucks push their luck and attempt to pass under the bridge, despite their height making it impossible. As you might deduce, this is the origin of the infamous moniker.

Just yesterday, a delivery truck found itself wedged beneath the bridge, and regrettably, it won’t be the final vehicle to encounter this underpass challenge. The Can Opener has given rise to numerous internet memes, along with its own subculture and folklore, thanks to the humorous and excited locals.

KK Can Opener//Facebook

This picture was shared on the Can Opener’s Facebook page yesterday, sparking conversations among residents. As seen in the image, you can see where the top of the truck has been scrapped into a heap due to the pressure of the bridge. In fairness, a 12-9 sign is located next to the bridge which shows the vehicle height that it can accept.

Remarkably, the page has amassed over 5,000 followers and is described as a space to exchange photos and stories of truck drivers attempting and failing to conquer this viaduct. It’s affectionately known as the ‘KK Can Opener.’

Sadly, this won’t be the last truck to make an appearance on the Can Opener, and if its reputation is any indication, you can expect a similar incident to occur in the near future.

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