Car dangerously stops in the middle of NB 395 during night-time

September 12, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday while it was still dark, a car dangerously stopped driving in the middle of NB 395, Reno, and nearly caused a crash. What was worse is that they didn’t even put on their hazard lights, meaning oncoming traffic only had a brief moment to spot the stationary car and react. In short, it was almost as if the car had decided to park in the middle of the road instead of pulling over.

This was picked up on a driver’s dash cam which showed the incident. Here, the footage was uploaded to Reddit which shocked users due to the dangerous nature of the stationary car. According to the Reddit user, the behavior was due to a nervous breakdown.

This message accompanied the video: “I called police and followed them until they pulled them over. Police said they may have been having a mental health crisis as they didn’t show any signs of impairment which was incredibly strange, given their wild swerving and nearly hitting cones multiple times. Anything can happen when driving, don’t tailgate, and don’t drive distracted.”

This prompted a response by one user who wrote: “I had this a few years back on 580 heading out of Tracy in CA. The dude was dead stopped in the fast lane, no hazards on, and I barely missed eating the median and his bumper. Good on you for calling this in. It’s a scary situation that can endanger a LOT of people.”

If nothing else, this shows just how dangerous driving can be at times. As the footage shows, the driver who filmed it was a second away from a serious accident. This happened despite it seeming normal just moments before.


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