Murder rates in the USA are declining – However, this year Memphis is up by 40%

September 11, 2023 by No Comments

This year, Chicago has the most murders compared to any other US city. However, its murder rate is down by 9.51% compared to last year. Sadly, Memphis is fourth for murders and its murder rate has risen an astonishing 40.63%. In fact, of the top 10 cities for murders in the USA, only 4 of these cities saw rates rise. This comes after 2022 saw Memphis homicides fall by 12.7% compared to the previous year.

This data was collected by ahdatalytics which uses live statistics to contrast and compare. It also means that Memphis has so far experienced 225 murders so far, compared to a mere 160 in the total of 2022.


Unfortunately, this does not make for good reading and whatever way you put it, the raw numbers are up massively. It should also be noted that although this data offers statistics, it does not say why the murder rate is so high in Memphis compared to last year.

Arguably, this is down to worse socio-economic conditions that are often correlated with crime. It also shows how Memphis is clearly not as safe as it once was. Aside from murder, it is also true that Memphis has also risen in other areas of crime over the past year such as robberies and violence. Although not confirmed, this could be correlated to murder as the two are often linked.


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