Satna Ana Chick-fil-A closes down – But thankfully it’s only temporary

September 10, 2023 by No Comments

Orange County residents have recently been asking why the Chick-fil-A on S Bristol St has recently closed down. This has been the case for a while and isn’t just one or two days either. So, what happened? Well, firstly the good news is that it’s only temporary. In other words, this establishment didn’t just close without saying its goodbyes. Having said this, these days plenty of restaurants seem to close without any prior warning.

Instead, it turns out that this Santa Ana Chick-fil-A has only closed for the short-term. This can be found on the Chick-fil-A website which describes why. Here, it says: “We’re temporarily closed for a remodel. Pardon the closure (and lack of chicken). We’re remodeling to make our restaurant better for you. While you wait for the grand re-opening, visit our career section for you or find us on social media to learn more about the remodel.”

This closure was first mentioned on Reddit where Santa Ana users questioned what had happened to their local branch. As seen with the aforementioned image though, it looks like the wait may be longer as Chick-fil-A has not said how long the remodel will actually take. Until then, you’ll just have to go elsewhere to get your chicken fix if you’re a chicken lover in the Santa Ana area.

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