San Francisco Roblox awards ceremony canceled due to security concern

September 10, 2023 by No Comments

An awards presentation for a video game event slated to occur at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco on Saturday night was abruptly called off due to a “possible security concern.” As you may imagine, this isn’t exactly the time of news that you would typically associate with a Roblox event and the announcement certainly raised eyebrows.

The Roblox Developers Conference had commenced on Friday morning and had planned to culminate with its awards ceremony on Saturday night, intended to celebrate the community. However, at 6:16 p.m., the company made an announcement indicating the cancellation of the awards.

Event attendees seemed to express a mix of frustration and understanding regarding this decision, as gleaned from their responses on various social media platforms.

Roblox, a gaming platform boasting 65.5 million users worldwide according to the company, was hosting its ninth annual conference this year, bringing together industry executives, social media creators, and gamers to discuss the platform’s future.

Details about the nature of the security threat remained unclear at that time. However, according to this Reddit thread it was due to someone turning up with a firearm. Having said this, we should emphasize that at this time it is not known whether this theory is truthful or not.

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