Power outage from O’Malleys to Crabtree

September 10, 2023 by No Comments

This morning, a power outage took place from O’Malleys to Crabtree. As seen in the image below, the route to downtown was without electricity and officers had to patrol the traffic manually. Here, the lights had gone out due to the power cut which led to a fairly dangerous intersection. It didn’t help that this took place with heavy rains as well. It goes without saying that when driving in these conditions, it is best to practice caution.

Having said this, it may not be a coincidence either that this happened when it was raining as it seems to be a fairly common occurrence. Not only this, but this area in general is often notorious for flooding. However, at this point in time, there has been no official explanation from the city as to why this area suffered a power outage.


Now hours later, it has been confirmed that the power is back on and the traffic is back to normal levels. The original photo was provided on Reddit where the same user wrote: “Breakfast in the dark at a bar was hilarious and fun. Lots of standing water on Glenwood be easy.” Unfortunately as autumn is fast approaching, Raleigh locals may be in for more days like this as the weather looks set to descend into rainy season.


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