Orlando Property Goes On The Market For $219k Despite Needing Extensive Repairs

September 10, 2023 by No Comments

Despite selling on 7/7/23 for $75000, this Orlando home has been put back on the market just days later for an asking price of $219900.

After selling in 2007 for just $60k, it’s quite obvious to see just how far prices have jumped in less than 20 years. However, the fact that the price of this property increased over $140k within a couple of days has raised some eyebrows.

Some would speculate that the land is worth far more than $75k, so the person that bought the property for this price got a real bargain.

When looking at other Zillow listings in the local area for 2 bedroom 1 bathroom properties, it seems that they are generally priced between $200k – $230k. The main difference being that these listings have homes which are in very good condition being sold, and don’t require a full refurbishment.

Image // Zillow

Judging by the photographs, it seems that literally every room in the house needs to be stripped and remodelled. Many of the rooms do not have flooring and doorways have plywood on the outside.

The overall structure of the house does not look too bad from simply viewing it with the naked eye, however homebuyers will know that properties require more than this before investing.

Image // Zillow

One factor which does go in favor of the pricetag is the size of the land. While the house is only 744 sq ft, the actual plot of land is 5200 sq ft, meaning there is a lot of space when compared to other homes in the area. This could possibly mean that whoever purchases this property would simply tear down the existing structure and make something a lot more modern and sizeable.


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