Only 3 Crystal Apples Remain On Smithsfield’s Hiking Trails – Can You Find One?

September 10, 2023 by No Comments

The Smithfield Economic Development Commission is extending an invitation to hikers to embark on a search for 100 crystal apples artfully concealed across seven of Smithfield’s hiking trails. These apples are distributed as follows: 33 red, 33 yellow, and 33 green apples, along with a solitary clear crystal apple, thoughtfully hidden during the months of October and November.

A complete list of apples can be found here. Since the competition opened in October 2022, 97 of the total 100 apples have been found. However, as the competition has entered its 12 month, only 3 apples remain. For reference, they are all green, which may be due to the fact that they have been difficult to spot during summer months. As the season turns to fall, there is a better chance people find them due to their color standing out against the scenery.

If you do happen to find a crystal apple, you will be allowed to keep it and once registered, you will be given a keepsake box to store it inside.

Smithfield Economic Development Commission // Facebook

The designated trails encompass the Mowry Conservation Area, Mercer Lookout, Wolf Hill Forest Preserve, Olivia’s Forest, Connors Farm Conservation Area, Stillwater Scenic Trail, and the Ken Weber Conservation Cascade Brook.

These crystal apples have been strategically concealed in various locations, such as within or around trees, near rocks or logs, nestled in rock walls, or within a few feet of the extensive trail networks. It’s worth noting that the apples will never be placed on private property, and the search will not require the dismantling of stone walls. It is kindly requested that apple seekers respect private property boundaries and exercise caution regarding poison ivy.

Smithfield Economic Development Commission // Facebook

Upon locating these crystal apples, the EDC encourages individuals to capture photographs and share the discovery’s location on the group’s Facebook page, facilitating the tracking of remaining apples. Each apple is also uniquely numbered.

This initiative offers both visitors and residents an enjoyable and engaging means to explore the scenic beauty of the Blackstone Valley in Smithfield. Discovering one of these concealed crystal apples serves as a memorable keepsake and a delightful memento of the adventure.

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