Lexington’s biggest mansion just went up for sale – And its views are stunning

September 10, 2023 by No Comments

At $14,500,000, this is Lexington’s most expensive home for sale. It was just listed on the market and can be viewed on Zillow. It also happens to be the biggest property for sale too. Here, it has 24,252 sqft and 10.78 acres of land. In other words, it’s absolutely massive and is a far cry away from your average Lexington home, both in terms of space and luxury.

It is also great for privacy with no other houses in sight, while its grounds are surrounded by trees and a large driveway that leads to a security gate at the front of the property.


As seen with the interior, it is the definition of luxury and it has its fair share of marble fittings. Despite having older-looking features such as wooden beams and grand staircases, this property was actually built in 2001 so it is deceptively younger than it looks.


Moving on to the fun stuff, this mansion is packed full of cool additions. Some of these include a home gym, games room, cinema, large swimming pool, gardens, garage, and snug. Having said this, its most stunning aspect is the views. This includes views of the huge estate and its beautiful surroundings. Sadly, there is a catch. This house will cost an estimated $95,156 per month in mortgage payments. In other words, these luxuries aren’t cheap and certainly come with a high price.

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