It’s September and Christmas decorations are on sale in Lowes

September 10, 2023 by No Comments

A Cincinnati shopper recently spotted premature Christmas decorations on sale in Lowes on Beechmont. Here, they showed their findings on Reddit and captioned the image with: ‘And so it begins.’ This was a playful nod to show that the Christmas holiday season was fast approaching and in the land of retail, it is never too far away.

Ironically, this took place with it being one of the hottest summers in recent American history. With this said, it doesn’t look like the tree on the right (with snow) will be appropriate for this year’s Christmas in Cincinnati. In fairness, Lowes probably aren’t alone in selling Christmas products during this time of year.


Reacting to the image, one Reddit user named KirbyFox wrote: “I can’t imagine there are enough people going to Lowe’s and thinking they need to pick up a tree in September. But there must be enough to put this stuff out. Needs more nightmare until November” while another user claimed that Mariah Carey would soon be played in the store as well.

If you’re experienced with Christmas shopping then you’ll notice that they’re not wrong with this observation. Whether you love it or hate it, this image shows that silly season is nearby and if history is anything to go by it will only get more hectic as the coming weeks and months go by.

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