Corona local becomes UFC champion after fighting masterclass

September 10, 2023 by No Comments

Corona City just got its first-ever UFC Champion. Here, Sean Strickland delivered a stunning performance that sent shockwaves through the mixed martial arts community, as he secured a unanimous decision victory over Israel Adesanya in the UFC 293 main event. This victory made him the new middleweight world champion, a remarkable achievement given his status as a heavy underdog and fifth-ranked middleweight contender prior to the fight.

In the opening round, Strickland made a significant impact with a left-right combination that penetrated Adesanya’s defense and dropped him to the canvas. Adesanya was visibly hurt and even turned his back to Strickland, who seized the opportunity to unleash a barrage of strikes, nearly finishing the champion right then and there.

Throughout the remainder of the bout, Strickland maintained relentless forward pressure and showcased consistent and composed boxing skills that kept Adesanya constantly on the defensive. Adesanya struggled to find his rhythm and was forced to expend a significant amount of energy moving around the Octagon, preventing him from unleashing his trademark dynamic striking.

Strickland’s disciplined use of the jab and well-timed stiff shots, particularly the jabs, earned him a comfortable victory on the judges’ scorecards, marking a significant turning point in the world of UFC middleweight competition.

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