Columbus NIMBYs plan anti-bike rally this Tuesday

September 10, 2023 by No Comments

This Tuesday (9/12) a group of Columbus NIMBYs are planning a rally in Cleveland Park. This is to protest against proposed local bike lanes which they say will ruin the integrity of the area. The plan can be viewed in more detail below which comes in the form of a flyer. Here, it read: “We will gather in front of the ‘Al Volo’ restaurant storefront at 3417 Connecticut Ave NW. We’ll be wearing bright yellow t-shirts so you won’t miss us.” This rally is set to take place from 4 PM to 6:30 PM.

Looking through their website, it looks as though this group has done several rallies like this before and seem organized with their efforts to stop bike lanes around Conn Ave and other areas of Columbus.

As is often the case with these views, there has been some backlash. Based on opposing views, Columbus locals on Reddit criticized the move, labeling them NIMBYs among less complimentary terms. Here, the Redditors even organized a counter rally to confront the Save Conn Ave group. One user on the site named VermillionMango wrote: “It’s kind of nuts that the pro-bike lane ANCs won the election, the pro-bike lane ward 3 candidate won the election, and the pro-bike lane mayor won the election but a bunch of nimbys with too much time and money can stop it. Like what are we doing here.”

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