Car narrowly avoids hitting cyclist – But who was in the wrong?

September 10, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a video was uploaded to Reddit which was filmed from the dash cam of a driver in Austin. This took place near Ben White Boulevard and showed an incident where a blue car nearly went into the back of a cyclist. This happened after a red light and could have easily caused a serious injury. Thankfully nothing came of it but clearly, the cyclist was not happy and threw up his arms in protest before going into the allotted cycle lane.

According to the Reddit users, the car was the one in the wrong as it was originally in the wrong lane and should have turned right instead of going straight on. Here, one user asked this question regarding the right lane and got this response: “Yes, Pack Saddle Pass at Ben White. And there’s even a sign before you get to the intersection, “Begin Right Turn Lane, Yield To Bikes.”

Overall, the tone of the thread clearly favored the cyclist. However, there was at least some support for the car. This is because a few users argued that the cyclist merged towards the right lane when they should have stayed put until the car passed. Ultimately, this shows the divisive opinions that commonly occur when it comes to the cyclist vs. car driver debate.

If nothing else, it also shows the importance of owning a dashcam for legal purposes. On another day, things could have gone a lot worse but thankfully nothing serious came of it.


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