Bikers allegedly block Albuquerque intersection over the weekend

September 10, 2023 by No Comments

An epic photo taken over the weekend captured a gang of bikers meeting up and blocking an intersection (Wyoming between Montgomery and Comanche.) This took place on Saturday night and according to others online, this was actually a pretty regular occurrence.

Originally, the photo was uploaded to an Albuquerque section on Reddit which prompted responses from other users who lived in the city. Here, the users weren’t too impressed with the bikers and their antics, with one user named Zrea1 writing: “Just got cut off by a big pack of them going down Montgomery, popping wheelies, speeding up and immediately slowing down in front of us. This is how people die.”


Elsewhere on the site, others claimed the bikers were ‘reckless‘ and regularly drove dangerously. However, some complimented the picture which showed the moody atmosphere in all of its glory. It should be noted that if these allegations of regular, dangerous driving are true then this behavior should be condemned.

This is because it not only risks the life of the bike driver but also members of the general public. Unfortunately in doing this, it also makes the reputation for other local bikers difficult even if they have done nothing wrong.

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