This mansion just went up for sale – Its backyard is truly something special

September 9, 2023 by No Comments

If you purchased a property for $6,950,000 then you may expect something special. In the case of this mansion located at Starling Drive in Frisco, it certainly comes with the wow factor. This property was just listed for sale on Zillow and is 9,865 sqft and sits on almost one acre of land.

Arguably, its most iconic feature is the backyard which is truly unique. This has three different floors with one level with the house, one featuring a swimming pool, then the final floor having a literal golf course. Not only this but beyond the garden are miles of desert that reach far beyond the eye.


Built in 2016, this is a modern property which can be seen in the bedroom. Here, it uses light colors to add brightness to the room while keeping things minimalist. This is matched in the bathroom, while the back yard has stunning views of the Texas sunset.


Elsewhere, the property also has a wine room, gym, indoor basketball court, and huge open-plan rooms. Interestingly, this property was listed earlier during the start of the year for $7,150,000 before being recently re-listed at a significant discount. In fairness, this unique property may not be for the taste of everyone. If you are interested though, now all you need to do is find almost $7,000,000 to help buy it.


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