This huge mansion just went up for sale – And there’s a reason why it’s the most expensive property in Atlanta

September 9, 2023 by No Comments

This sprawling property has just been listed on Zillow and at $16,000,000, it’s the most expensive property in the whole of Atlanta. There is a good reason for its price tag as well. It is situated on over 5 acres of land, is over 22,550 square feet in size, and has 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. In other words, this is far from your average Atlanta property, and even when compared to the pricier houses in the region it goes far above and beyond.

It’s not just the size of this place that sets it apart either. It also happens to be filled with extra features and surprises.


Despite being built in 2006, the original builder of this property had a clear vision in mind. As seen, the interior looks similar to a European castle and is purposely meant to look vintage. This look is achieved by grand, wooden doors and walls, high ceilings, and fittings that far surpass its build date. As they say, a man’s home is his castle. Clearly, this is a specific taste that is not to everyone’s needs either. However, if you want to feel like the king of Atlanta then this property could be for you.


Perhaps one of the fanciest features of this mansion is the basement. It’s fair to say that this is very impressive and provides the ultimate chill-out spot. This includes a games room, lounge, and large cinema room. As well as this, it also comes with a large pool, courtyard, and car garage that is probably bigger than most houses in Atlanta.


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