Popular pizzeria allegedly doxes and threatens customer after negative review

September 9, 2023 by No Comments

According to a St. Petersburg local named Morgan, the popular pizzeria restaurant Slice of Gulfport recently reacted in a terrible way to a Facebook review. This review then found its way onto Yelp where the restaurant is listed under a different name (called Taste of Caribbean yet it has the same address). According to his Yelp review, the owner and his mother found out his parent’s address, went there in person to intimidate them, and then went on a further campaign of harassment.

This included listing the address on Craigslist for free items (to create nuisance arrivals at the property), as well as sending the customer an image of their parent’s house with the message: “Just remember I know where you lay your head at night. Lock your doors. That’s your warning.” This can be seen in the screenshot below that was included in the Yelp review.


It is possible that the address was found through Sunbiz which lets people search for addresses. Nonetheless, this is not what the site is meant for and is a gross misuse of its tools. It should be noted that at this point, this is the word of the customer and we have yet to hear from the pizzeria. Nonetheless, if these allegations are true then it is clearly awful, unprofessional behavior that deserves to be condemned. Furthermore (if true), then this is clearly best resolved by the St. Petersburg police force.

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