Popular Nashville bar enters final weekend before permanent closure

September 9, 2023 by No Comments

Around one month ago, the popular bar and eatery Henry James announced they would be closing their doors for good. They also put out a fairly vague statement that claimed they would be closing in the first or second week of September. Now that time has dawned upon us, and they recently confirmed with their Instagram account that this would be their final weekend. In their bio, it reads: ‘September hours are 5 pm-1 am. Our final day of service is 9/11’

During a lengthy statement, Henry James claimed that the land had been sold which is why they were closing. They also went on to express their regards and gratefulness to the local customers over the years which seemed to be heartfelt and genuine.


Unfortunately for Henry James fans, they did claim not to be opening a new location which means for this popular Nashville bar, it is the end of their journey. Over the years, Henry James garnered a cult following in Nashville which was reflected by positive reviews online. With this said, it looks as though this bar will genuinely be missed by residents who enjoyed its selection of cocktails and fine dining over the years. Nonetheless, if you’re a big fan then you can still visit the joint one last time before it closes in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

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