Photo highlights new price hikes for parking in Downtown Pittsburgh

September 9, 2023 by No Comments

A photo recently uploaded to Reddit highlights the recent price hikes in public parking costs in Downtown Pittsburgh. This picture shows parking costs for 6th & Penn. As seen, the prices aren’t exactly cheap. For less than 30 minutes the cost is $6. For 30-120 minutes it costs $16, for 2-4 hours it costs $19, for 4-12 hours it costs $24 and for 12-24 hours it costs $29.

In many ways, this isn’t too surprising seeing as Pittsburgh actually has the highest parking tax of any major metro in the country. It’s 37.5% now and used to be 50%. In fact, Pittsburgh has had high parking taxes for decades now so this is not as new as some may have first believed.


Commenting in the aforementioned Reddit thread, not everyone was happy with these prices. Here, one user named ExcellentZombie9321 wrote: “It was $12 before COVID. I don’t understand how maintenance costs can increase 50% so fast. They’re not even making any structural improvements. This is just greed and waste.”

If nothing else, this highlights the use of public transport which prioritizes cost over convenience. Nonetheless, for some Pittsburgh residents, this is not an option and shows just how expensive it is to park in and around the city. Based on the city’s reliance on parking taxes, it doesn’t look like these fees will lower anytime soon either.

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