Corinth PD Threatens Writing Tickets for parents doing school pick-ups and locals are not happy

September 9, 2023 by No Comments

A recent Facebook statement from the Corinth PD went down like a lead balloon and locals voiced their displeasure regarding its meaning. In short, Corinth PD threatened to ticket parents of Crownover Middle School if they were caught parking on nearby streets while picking up their kids and dropping them off. Here, part of the Corinth PD statement read: “Please find an alternate location for pick-ups as our patrol officers and SRO’s will be actively patrolling these areas to deter parking in this neighborhood” which caused anger in the comments. For further reading, the full statement with replies can be found here.

This warranted over 115 replies with most of them being negative. Here, the sentiment was that parents had been using the same street for years without any issues. Others claimed this was petty and financially motivated, rather than trying to clear traffic from around the school.

One Facebook user named Andrew Currie replied by saying, “Great, put pressure on the schools to come up with a solution! Pickup and drop off is a disaster for these two schools!All you’re doing is penalizing parents that can’t have their kids ride the bus because they live within 2 miles of the school.” Elsewhere, others pointed out that this issue was not new and questioned the motives of the police department for suddenly tackling it. Interestingly, Corinth PD did not respond to any of these comments and neither did they make a statement later on.


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