Chattanooga car dumped after late-night crash

September 9, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday night, a white Kia was dumped on Hills at Oakwood apartments after apparently hitting a car while driving erratically. According to this Reddit post, the Kia then hit a wall in the apartment block before the driver got out and ran away on foot.

At the time of writing, it is not known who the driver is or the origin of the car. However, Reddit users speculated that it could have been stolen. Although pure speculation at this point, this theory is based on it being a Kia due to the high percentage of Kia vehicles that are stolen. The theory also makes sense due to the wild nature of the driving as well. As seen in the image below, the front and side of the car looked badly damaged which is where it made impact with the wall and other car.


Speaking on the crash, the user who uploaded the image wrote: “I’m not the eyewitness, but I talked to the eyewitness. I heard the wreck and went outside to look at it. I live in the building that he hit, but not the apartment that he hit.”

Since the incident, the Chattanooga police force has been informed and an investigation is currently on the way. However, any extra information is not available at this moment in time regarding the driver and their whereabouts.

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