Car crashes into pillar outside of Lox Stock’n Bagel

September 9, 2023 by No Comments

A tragedy could have occurred yesterday after a car crashed into a pillar outside of the Lox Stock’n Bagel cafe. This building is supported by numerous pillars on the outside. Here, a red car drove into a pillar and completely destroyed it.

However, if the car was a few meters to the other side then it would have literally driven straight into the front of the store. Theoretically, this could have caused a very serious accident. It is not known whether the car approached the cafe from the car park or whether they lost control while driving on the nearby road.

Lox Stock’n Bagel//Facebook

As seen, the destruction of the pillar thankfully did not compromise the integrity of the building. However, it was replaced with a wooden plank to keep things in place. In the corner of the image, you can see the wreckage caused to the car. Although the car was badly damaged, it could have been a lot more serious.

After the wreckage, Lox Stock’n Bagel released this statement on their Facebook page: “In the coming days, some of you might notice a bit of cosmetic damage done to our shop. After a little run in with a vehicle, everyone is all right and we are working quickly on repairs to make our entrance welcoming once again. This unfortunately means we had to close early today (Wednesday Sept 6th) but we will be back to our regular business hours starting tomorrow so you can grab a hot cup of Joe and a toasty bagel!”

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