BART advert shows massive pay rise for police job

September 9, 2023 by No Comments

This week, an advert for the Bay Area Rapid Transport advertised a substantial pay rise. This was spotted on Reddit. Here, it showed a BART policewoman with the caption: “BART police is hiring – New higher salaries! $123,801 to $202,718.” There’s no other way to say it other than this represents a significant rise in pay. Not only this but BART is also offering a $15,000 sign up bonus too.

This follows a recent employment drive by BART to try and get more Bay Area locals signed up for their police force. Here, the police force will typically investigate crimes on the BART and keep members of the public safe. As you can imagine, this is a transport-based job while also fulfilling the roles that a typical cop would do as well.


What’s even more impressive is that this also comes with a very solid pension. Nonetheless, police work is certainly not for everyone and may be one of the reasons why there are vacancies in this profession. For instance, certain parts of the BART are notoriously more dangerous than others. which may be off-putting for potential employees.

Furthermore, when factoring Bay Area living costs and taxes, this adds another reason as to why people may have second thoughts about working for BART police department.


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