Bakersfield’s most expensive house just went up for sale – Here’s what you should know

September 9, 2023 by No Comments

Listed for $3,700,000, this property has just hit the market and is for sale on Zillow. It has 9,301 sqft of house across 2.40 acres. This also comes with 8 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. As seen by the roof, this has typical Californian architecture that looks closer to a Spanish villa rather than an American mansion. Although it looks good on the outside, it’s equally as special on the inside.


Here it as an office room, pizza oven, gym, and absolutely massive open-plan kitchen. In fact, much of the house is open-plan which means there’s plenty of space when entertaining guests. As seen, it also uses lots of white color throughout which makes the rooms look bigger and more vibrant. Interestingly, it also uses solar power which will save you money on bills which is perfect when used with the Bakersfield climate.


Undeniably though, the main feature of this property is the lazy river in the backyard. This looks simply stunning and is a real selling point. It’s not the only water feature either, as the house also comes with a sizeable swimming pool. To afford this place, the Zoopla estimate is $25,423. With this said, unfortunately it is out of the price range for most people. Having said this, it is the most expensive property in Bakersfield so this is to be expected.

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