Asheville’s most pricey house just got listed for sale – Here’s its features

September 9, 2023 by No Comments

As you would expect, the most expensive property in Asheville has a lot of cool features and goes beyond the norm in terms of living. It recently just got listed for sale on Zillow and will set buyers back a cool $10,250,000.

Built in 2019, this has 1.88 acres and the actual building is 8,482 sqft in size. It also comes with 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. However, that is only the start of it. Located at Landsdowne Ct, this is literally in the most prestigious part of Asheville which is surrounded by winding roads and enormous trees. Speaking of trees, the house exterior does well to blend in with the local environment.


Although the bedroom may not be to everyone’s taste, the home features a lot of white decor which makes the rooms feel larger than they actually are (not that this is even needed). It also comes with a basement, gym, fire pit, and large garden area. This is all nestled away in between a mass of trees which is perfect for privacy.


As seen, this is the definition of luxury living. It is estimated that this will cost owners $64,624 per month in terms of mortgage payments. This does not include the $418 monthly HOA fee and other costs such as utilities and maintenance.

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