This mansion just went up for sale in Santa Fe – And it has 14 bedrooms

September 8, 2023 by No Comments

It’s not every day that you see a house up for sale that has 14 bedrooms. However, this is the case with this Santa Fe mansion. In fact, it’s probably better described as a compound as it spans across 18,000 sqft and is built on 3.70 acres of land. As you may expect, a property of this size is not cheap and will set you back $24,500,000 if you want to buy it. According to Zillow, this equates to roughly $154,030 in monthly mortgage repayments.


As seen, it is very spacious with a nice chill out area outside. This sits opposite the large pool. As well, it has a vegetable garden, spa room, gym, and even a ski locker room. Thinking about it, there’s probably not much skiing to be done in Santa Fe. However, when your property is this big it isn’t really an issue.


Simply put, this is the epitome of luxury living. Perhaps the most surprising part of this property is the number of bathrooms. As you’d expect, there’s more than the bedrooms which is standard procedure. However, it boasts a total of 25 bathrooms. That’s a serious amount of tiles and sinks included with this gigantic property. It may not be surprising to hear that this is literally the most expensive property in Santa Fe as well.

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