The New Redmond Technology Station opens – but has one very big mistake

September 8, 2023 by No Comments

Today images were uploaded to social media that showed the new Redmond Technology station taking place. Overall this looked slick and worthy of its name. According to the group behind the station, it is: ‘Located along SR 520 at the Overlake Transit Center site, this station provides increased parking for 300 cars and covered facilities for 100 bicycles. A bicycle/pedestrian bridge designed and funded by Microsoft spans SR 520, connecting the station to jobs and housing north of the freeway. This is the final station for the East Link Extension that opens in 2023. Extending the line to downtown Redmond, two additional stations open in 2024.’

Despite the project not fully being completed yet, the station still looked the part and will hopefully ease Seattle’s transport links and make public transport more efficient in the process. However, there was one issue that Seattle locals spotted.


As seen in the image above, the city wrote 556 instead of 566 on the bus bay. This has been covered by a makeshift ‘6’ that has clearly been written on a piece of paper and stuck over the top. On Reddit, one local wrote: “It wouldn’t be a SoundTransit station without an oversight. Good thing the error didn’t delay the station from opening another 2 years.”

However, most people saw the funny side of things. On a positive note, the artwork also looks vibrant and was done by a local artist named Kate Sweeney. As well, if a typo is the biggest problem with its opening then Seattle residents can’t be too critical either.


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