The most expensive San Antonio house just went up for sale – And it is great for privacy

September 8, 2023 by No Comments

Priced at $5,500,000, this house has just been listed on the market and can be seen on Zillow. This price isn’t just expensive, it also makes it the highest value property on the market in San Antonio. Although this will set you back, it is also brilliant for privacy. This is because it is built on over 2 acres of land, with a privacy gate and hundreds of trees surrounding the property. Because of this, it almost looks like this is set in a tropical jungle when viewed from above.


This property also has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, swimming pool, and it was built in 1920. Unlike certain mansions, it’s also filled with character which can be seen with the green-tiled roof. In short, it’s no wonder that this property commands such a high price tag.


As you may also expect, this property has lots of Spanish features which is typical of its location. The back garden in particular highlights this well with its stunning architecture that looks more akin to a classy restaurant rather than the back of someone’s home. Overall, it will be interesting to see if this property goes for its full asking price. It is undoubtedly a beautiful home but due to the cost, it may need a very specific buyer in mind.

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