Locals shocked as NYC car revealed to have over $13,000 in driving fines

September 8, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, a video was uploaded to social media where a car was being given a parking violation. Here the car was situated on the road and the driver was clearly absent. However, upon looking up the license plate of this car, it was revealed that this driver had been billed $13,410.54 in fines since 2021. Furthermore, only $1,294.29 had been paid.

The car in question was videod receiving a boot which is probably due to the enormous amount of fines that were owed to New York City. Not only this but during the procedure it also blocked off other parked cars that it was parallel to.

Speaking on the incident, one Reddit user wrote: “Maybe it is not okay to some people, but all the parking tickets add up. They increased enforcement and booting of cars for non-payment everywhere. Every day in my 25-minute long commute, I stumble across at least 2 boots a day, with a tow truck scheduled for next day.”

Since Covid, New York City has enforced more bootings in a bid to get drivers paying back more driving violations due to millions owed in unpaid fines. As seen on the Reddit thread, the vast majority of users criticized the driver for his high number of violations (115 in under 3 years) which is what led to the booting in the first place.

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