Gov. Josh Green calls BJ Penn ‘bully’ with ‘despicable tactics’Gov. Josh Green

September 8, 2023 by No Comments

The housing chief appointed by the governor has resigned amidst increasing controversy surrounding an emergency declaration related to housing. Some individuals perceived this declaration as a means to grant developers greater authority to expedite projects without adequately addressing environmental or community concerns.

The governor has officially confirmed Nani Medeiros’ resignation, although no information regarding a potential replacement has been disclosed at this time.

The emergency housing proclamation immediately sparked controversy upon its mid-July signing. However, following the Lahaina wildfire, it became a contentious issue, with accusations of a land acquisition scheme in West Maui and the proliferation of online conspiracy theories that fueled public anger. Medeiros consistently refuted claims that the proclamation would serve any purpose other than facilitating the community’s desires.

In a comprehensive statement released on Thursday afternoon, Medeiros explained her decision to step down, citing threats and baseless accusations made against her and her loved ones.

In a statement released today, Gov. Josh Green said: “The bullying tactics, with obvious violent undertones employed by Mr. Penn and his followers have no place in Hawaii and are absolutely contrary to our spirit of aloha for others,” and continued calling her treatment “Despicable.”

As of right now, BJ Penn has yet to respond to these comments.


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