Dale Strong asks Huntsville residents for their opinions

September 8, 2023 by No Comments

Congressman Dale Strong recently asked Huntsville residents to give him their opinion. This was sent out via a text message list which read: “Hi, it’s Dale Strong, your Congressman. The House is debating steps to hold Joe Biden accountable for his failed border and disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal policies as well as alleged foreign influence peddling. As we discuss this, I’d like your feedback in an official constituent survey.”

This was accompanied by a link that allows people to ask him questions. As you can imagine, this initiative may have gained Strong praise from Republican Huntsville residents but may not have gone down so well with the blue part of the city. Nonetheless, when asking members of the general public for their opinions it means that the individual will always be open for criticism.

Over the past few years, Dale Strong has been a staunch critic of the Biden administration while aligning himself to Donald Trump. Unsurprisingly then, this has generated both love and hate from the two opposing sides of the city and greater Alabama. As of right now, it is not known what Strong plans to do with the survey feedback and whether this will shape his politics in the future. Nonetheless, whatever your political opinion, it means he is open to hearing it.

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