Animal rights activists to protest against Bellaire Petland

September 8, 2023 by No Comments

At 10 AM, Saturday 16th of September, a planned protest is targeting the Petland Bellaire store in Houston. This is done by Pets Before Profits who claim that: ‘We respectfully urge the City of Houston leaders to demand Petland Bellaire to comply with the law requiring pet stores located within the city limits to sell only dogs and cats sourced from a humane organization or a municipal/county animal shelter.’

More information on the protest can be found here. It also links to a petition that has so far gathered over 500 signatures of the required 1000 goal.


This comes after The City of Houston, where Petland Bellaire is located, passed a humane pet store ordinance requiring that all dogs and cats for sale be sourced from humane organizations or shelters. All stores had a year to prepare for the law to go into effect in January 2023. So, although it is not suggested that Petland are violating this law, this is seemingly the accusation put forth by the Pets Before Profits group. Interestingly, there is no evidence of these laws being broken despite these strong allegations.

Since the planned protest, Petland has yet to respond regarding the allegations or give a comment on its stance on the protest. As of right now, Petland Bellaire remains open for business.


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