This restaurant claims to be temporarily closed – But locals are wondering if it will ever come back

September 7, 2023 by No Comments

For the past week or so, Yusuf’s Cuisine has been listed as ‘temporarily closed’ on Google. It also hasn’t updated its Facebook page since August 20th. While this isn’t the longest break in the world, it’s still long enough to get Peoria locals wondering if it will ever re-open.

This may be due to a fairly recent trend where restaurants and shops do a ‘soft close’, meaning they don’t come forward with a full announcement. Instead, they merely list their business as ‘temporarily closed’ before slipping away quietly.


Interestingly, Yusuf’s has only been opened for just over one year at this point and has received positive reviews from the local community. With this said, the idea of it closing for good is purely speculation at this point but even still, the signs don’t look good. If this were to close then it would also be a shame, seeing as Peoria isn’t really known for its middle eastern cuisine and this is arguably the best place in town that provides this style.

On this internet thread, a user wrote: “Does anyone know if this is the end or will reopen? “Temporarily” Google review status seems to trend towards “permanently” closed after a short time” which prompted theories on what had happened. Ultimately no one really knows but hopefully, this is a genuine temporary closure and eventually, time will reveal all.


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