Snow seen in Anchorage as snowy season approaches

September 7, 2023 by No Comments

So far this year, Anchorage has had a good run where the weather is concerned. However, in true Alaskan style, it now seems that the inevitable is upon us. This is because an image recently circulated on social media showing snow-capped mountains in Anchorage.

The image was simply titled, ‘It’s coming’ which was a nod to the snow. A number of Anchorage locals commented on the image acknowledging that snow season was now here. Some even claimed to have experienced hail over the past couple of days which only cements this theory. Not only this but in the past few days the temperature has also dropped considerably which is another sign of the changing weather.


Despite most of the mountains lacking snow, you can clearly see the snow at the top of the mountain. Historically this means one thing, that snow is on its way. It’s not just social media either. A separate news outlet confirmed earlier this week that snow was on its way to Anchorage.

In fairness, it will be October next month so you can’t really expect otherwise. Although Anchorage locals don’t really need to be told this, it means that it’s probably a good idea to get your jacket on and make sure there’s enough tread on your tires.

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