Rap legend 50 Cent seen training in Sacramento gym

September 7, 2023 by No Comments

Rap legend 50 Cent was yesterday photographed pumping iron at 24-hour fitness in DOCO, Sacramento. Here, 50 opted for a seated workout that looked to use the free dumbells laid out in front of him. Throughout his career, 50 has also maintained an incredible physique and has often spoken highly of the mental and physical benefits of training. With this said it’s not surprising to find him in a gym. At the same time, you may have assumed that his gym of choice would have been more high-end than 24-hour fitness.

This photo was shared on the website Reddit, where one user wrote: “He goes there every time he’s in town”


Eagle-eyed viewers will also have noticed that 50 Cent wore luxury Louis Vuitton sneakers while getting a pump on. Since his career rocketed, he has often been seen wearing designer goods. However, Louis Vuitton is not usually worn while doing a workout.

What’s just as surprising as working out in LV sneakers is arguably seeing 50 Cent in Sacramento. This is because he was born and raised in New York but has since relocated to Houston. Nonetheless, if you’re an international star then you’re more likely to travel compared to the average person. It turns out that 50 was in the city to promote his alcoholic drinks business.

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