New sidewalk dwelling emerges on Covington Pike

September 7, 2023 by No Comments

This week, a dwelling has been sighted spanning Covington Pike between Macon and the Interstate. Although this area does get the odd camper, this dwelling looks more like a permanent fixture and would be a strange place to camp.

Based on the shopping trolley it also looks like this gives further evidence that it is the making of a homeless camp. Although these do happen, they are generally quite uncommon as far as Memphis is concerned so this sight is fairly unusual.


This sighting was originally picked up here and since then garnered quite a bit of attention. Speaking on the issue, one user named Wax Statue wrote: “There are always panhandlers there but the encampment is definitely a new one in that area. I imagine the cops will clear them out pretty quickly, though” while another commented: “Ditto, I drive by it every day as well. It started in the bushes in the ravine and has slowly manifested itself outward onto the sidewalk. He walks around the neighborhood with the cart picking up discarded items from in front of houses. I kinda feel for the guy.”

Based on this, it may be that the encampment goes away as quickly as it first emerged. Due to common Memphis law, there is a reason why these dwellings aren’t very common in the first place.


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