New Amazon Distribution Center opens on High Beam Road

September 7, 2023 by No Comments

Charlotte’s new Amazon distribution facility has just opened for business. As seen in the image below, a number of delivery trucks could be seen opposite the warehouse. Also known as DCD6, this distribution center has been years in the making with plans dating back to 2021. However, it has only just begun operations.

This will bring economic growth to Charlotte in the form of jobs, for both local delivery drivers and also workers in the facility. However, it may also mean that surrounding roads may suffer from heavy traffic due to the nature of the delivery business.


A sizeable property, this building is 256,000 square feet in size. It can also house 956 delivery trucks so if you’re an Amazon customer in Charlotte then delivery times may have just got even faster. According to this article, Charlotte has three fulfillment centers in Charlotte and 19 in North Carolina.

Overall, it is not too surprising to see a new distribution center pop up in Charlotte. This is because there are over 1,100 of them dotted across the USA. From a strategic business standpoint, it therefore makes sense to have a site located in Charlotte to cover the local community. In recent years, Amazon has achieved staggering levels of growth and has often done so by re-investing in its infrastructure.

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