Locals rejoice after beloved Jersey City goats found safe and sound

September 7, 2023 by No Comments

One day ago, the Jersey City cemetery made a public announcement on their Facebook page which read: “Hello All, two of our goats escaped from their pen and are on the roam. Please contact John Wilson at 201-954-4943 or Dancing Tony at 973-219-9696. Thank you.” For those out of the loop, the cemetery has homed a number of wild (but friendly) goats over the years who are based on the grounds. If you like, these act like mascots for the area.

Understandably, this prompted a response from locals who were genuinely saddened by the disappearance of the goats who had gone AWOL. It turns out that one day later, the pair have been found. Here, they had wandered off into the wooded area of the cemetery which is harder to find. This took place after a volunteer search team had worked tirelessly trying to find them.


This was released in a statement that said: “We are happy to share that our two “Wild” goats have been located. Thank you to our super-volunteer Jim, for finding them and our other volunteers who helped search for our elusive friends. The goats were found in the wooded area that abuts the cemetery grounds, they didn’t realize they were lost as they were just hanging out and eating leaves.”

Surely this has to be some of the most wholesome news of the day and it also means that Jersey City residents can now rest easy with the good news surrounding the goats.

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