Irvine’s most expensive mansion just got listed – Its price may shock you

September 7, 2023 by No Comments

While Irvine is known for having some beautiful properties, arguably this is the best one of them all. In fairness, this does command a $17,995,000 price tag so you would expect a degree of class with this property. Nonetheless, some of its features are on another level. This was recently put up for sale on Zillow and is far from ordinary. Firstly, it has 10 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Secondly, it is sprawled across 17,246 sqft which means there’s plenty of room to chill out. In terms of looks, it also sports a Spanish villa theme which is also fitting with the area.


As seen, it also features a spacious kitchen and snug lounge area. These are just a few of the many rooms and features that are included in this behemoth of a property. Alongside the normal rooms, it also has a swimming pool, huge car park (with mechanics equipment), gym, and snooker room.


Among other classy touches include a marble shower, open plan rooms, and a gated entrance to the house. Unlike certain mansions, this also comes with a reasonable HOA fee as w ell, which is charged at $750 per month. In other words, if you can afford the original price tag, then this is not a lot considering. Unfortunately, even for the wealthy of Irvine this house remains out of touch for most people.


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